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See you in Fall for Apples, Cider, & Donuts!

August 21 , 2019


Hello Friends,

The farm is currently Closed.

Despite Farmer Long’s hard work this spring, mother nature got the best of us. With the cold temperatures and rain in May, it was difficult for Michigan farmers to get out in their fields and work the ground and get the vegetable crops planted. We did get sweet corn planted, only to discover the seed rotted in the ground. We were able to get our money back for the corn seed, but we would have much rather had the crop! 2012 was a difficult apple year, 2019 is a difficult vegetable year. Oh, the perils of farming. We are very sorry because we know we are disappointing so many people in the community but it looks like we will have no sweet corn this year. On a good note, we have a nice apple crop, and we are looking forward to a great fall here on the farm!

See you soon,

Rob & Chris Long