Frequently Asked Questions About Fall on the Farm


  • Do you take Credit Card?
    • Yes!  We are currently CREDIT CARD ONLY.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Debit are accepted.  We do NOT charge a credit card processing fee.
      • No Apple Pay/Contactless (Tap) Pay available at this time.
  • Why is the farm Credit Card only (Cashless)?
    • Back in 2021, the Long Boys were brainstorming and trying to come up with a way to make the donut line more efficient while still providing you with the same delicious hot donuts and cider.  The solution they came up with was making the farm credit card only.  In turn, the donut line has been 40% faster than it was before when we allowed other methods of payment.  It allows us to not only provide you with the same great tastes of Fall, but also spend more time with your family and less time waiting in line.  We appreciate your support and understanding!
  • How late in the year does the Cider Mill remain open?
    • Inside the Cider Mill barn remains open for Cider, Donuts, Honey, Jams, Cider Slushes, already picked Apples, and more until the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday November 22, 2023).
  • Do you sell Feed Apples?
    • Yes!  Visit us in-person inside the Cider Mill.  They are available in bulk.  It is ~750-800 lb bin of apples dumped loose into your truck or trailer.  Available in bulk only.
  • Can you freeze Apple Cider?
    • Yes!  You can freeze it to enjoy for the holidays and all YEAR long!  All you have to do is take about a cup or so out of the jug to leave room for it to expand before you place it in the freezer.  Once you take it out just make sure to let it thaw and give it a good shake before you start serving it.  It tastes delicious and is perfect for those fun holiday drink recipes or just enjoying a cold glass as is.
      • Note: If you leave it out to let it thaw a little faster, don't forget to put it back in your refrigerator.
  • Is the Fun Farm area open?
    • The Long Family Fun Farm is now CLOSED for the season (as of November 6, 2023).  We hope you had fun this Fall and look forward to seeing you for more fun next Fall when it is not as cold.  Check out our "Fall Fun" page for more information.
  • Do you take bulk orders ahead of time for Cider & Donuts?
    • Yes!  Visit us in-person inside the Cider Mill at least 24 hours in advance and ask for an Order Form.  We will have your order ready for pick up at the time you specify.
  • Once the Cider Mill closes for the season, what is your next crop?
    • Our next crop is Asparagus which will begin sometime in May.  Picked fresh for you daily.  The season usually begins around Mothers Day and goes until about Fathers Day but check back for updates as it gets closer.


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